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Quality Control

The quality of our products is better than other companies in the same industry. Testing starting from casting ensures the top quality of every component to the whole machine.

1. Materials testing: testing equipment for materials: the metallographic structure, processing of spare parts, machine assembling, and for product performance can be done by inspection instrument for materials analysis and testing, like shock tester for tenacity, universal strength tester, peel force tester, and measuring instruments and like inspection tools for special use and universal use. Besides that, we have built professional testing platform for the testing of products like pumps.

3D Scanner
XRF Spectrometer
Hardness Test
Pressure Test

2. Performance testing for products: Kunshui owns the biggest water test base for slurry plump in North China. The product performance will be tested before delivery, which can ensure the reliability and quiality of our products.

 Test Station

3. Production equipment: We have a series of production equipment including planomiller, vertical lathe, drilling machine, movable mixer, sand preparing machine, melting furnace, thermal treatment furnace, etc.

Noise and Vibration Test

Kunshui Pump Provides professional service for anyone who needs slurry pump.


Ⅰ Data calculation and selection


According to the relative technical data of the equipments, pipes, slurry properties and other original parameters, we could do more professional calculation to get the exact technical data as the pump selection data.


Ⅱ Design and selection

With the technical parameters, we could select the most suitable pump model and the materials of the wet parts (like anti-abrasive metal alloy, rubbers, ceramics, macromolecular and composite materials).The optimal solution is considered from the aspects of the efficiency, life, maintenance.

Ⅲ Slurry transporting design


We have the professional engineering staff, who are devoted to the professional design of the slurry delivery of pump and pipeline .They could provide the complete design proposal for the whole project .The pipeline transporting is more efficient and energy-saving than other ways, like the truck, when to deliver the concentration, tailings, mud, gravels and so on for hundreds and thousands of kilometers. Excellence Pump Industry Co., Ltd. has founded the institute, which especially offers the whole design service for the slurry transporting project.

Ⅳ After-sales service


We provide the comprehensive after-sales service, we could do the installation guide at site and train the workers maintenance for users, and offer the spare parts in time. If anything urgent, our local agent will assist you at the first time.

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