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Slurry pumps as the equipment is very important in the production and life, but because of the slurry pump compared to other equipment, the operation of large quantities, its consumption is also large, is directly caused by the low energy consumption. 

How to ensure the slurry pump in the production of high efficiency operation?

First: the most direct is the replacement of inefficient slurry pump. But in the replacement of the time, selection and the actual operating parameters are close to the slurry pump, to ensure the replacement of the slurry pump always running in the high state. Use frequency conversion energy saving technology when necessary. Slurry pump design parameter is greater than the actual operating conditions, the installation of frequency control devices, always running in the

high zone.

Second: the new energy-saving products of permanent magnet motor and double motor power to promote the application of high efficiency and energy saving in the slurry pump. The new slurry pump, slurry pump should be selected brand manufacturers, in order to ensure the high efficiency of slurry pump. Often the slurry pump shaft end sealing check and adjust and reduce the volume loss, in the slurry pump promotion application of corrugated tube sealing technology, the complete elimination of leakage of slurry pump, improve the volumetric efficiency.

In addition: regular cleaning of the filter cylinder slurry pump, check the pipe connections, ensure the slurry liquid inlet pipe flow. Strictly in accordance with the operating rules for slurry pump, start before the slurry pump to pump disc, open the inlet valve, close the outlet valve, exhaust vent, examination of slurry pump inlet pressure whether it meets the requirements, insufficient to prevent fluid pressure and low flow caused by slurry pump cavitation phenomenon occurs.

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How to ensure the efficient operation of slurry pump
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